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What you'll get:

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This subscription gives you access to the group. You will not be on your own! The courses give you the basics, but you will need to dive in and practice, and you'll inevitably have questions. Come join us!

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Bookkeeping Basics for Resellers

Ready to see what it takes to do proper bookkeeping on your own for your reselling business?

Look no further! When you enroll in Bookkeeping Basics for Resellers, you get:

  • Course lifetime access
  • Lesson resource guides and cheat sheets
  • Access to all subsequent course updates and enhancements
  • 60 days free bonus access to the Financial Insiders membership with monthly live coaching and Q&A. (See benefits below and opt in on the side bar) 

Accurate bookkeeping is the foundation of being able to optimize your taxes. It also gives you the visibility into your business that will allow you to know what decisions to make to grow it profitably. Let's get started!


BONUS: Financial Insiders membership

  • CPA LIVE Q&A: Get your tax & accounting questions answered in a monthly virtual face-to-face Q&A by Mark Tew, CPA
  • ONE YEAR of monthly live Q&A sessions with Mark less is than the price of ONE typical CPA consultation
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the Optimize Membership Facebook group with responses to your posted questions from Mark and his team
  • "MOVIE" MONDAY: Submit your question to our Movie Monday thread, and get a personalized video response from Mark 
  • COMMUNITY: Be part of a community of like minded resellers who are motivated to set up their businesses & taxes optimally
  • DEDUCTIBLE: The fee is 100% deductible as a business expense. This is HUGE! Check out the math below.
  • LOCKED IN PRICE: As the membership grows, the price will continue to increase for new members, but you will be locked in at the lower rate for as long as you are a member.
  • Bonus: Get the first 60 days free when you sign up along with your Bookkeeping Basics for Resellers or Reseller Tax Academy enrollment.

    The MATH: I charge $150 for 30 minute consultation (which honestly is too low). Sometimes people book two in a row. My monthly Q&A sessions last anywhere from 45 minutes fo 75 minutes, so if we take the average of 1 hour, that equates to $300 session, or nearly $4,000 for the year.

    At $17 per month, you are looking at $204 for the year. That's 94% LESS than what I would normally charge. You are getting TWELVE sessions for the price of less than one, PLUS all of the above.

    AND IT'S DEDUCTIBLE! That's about $200 that you won't be taxed on. Between self-employment tax and income tax (federal & state), your average tax rate for your business income is likely in the 25-30% range. If we are conservative and use the 25%, deducting the cost of the membership reduces your tax by nearly $50. So when you take into account the tax impact, the course is closer to $150!

    Guys, this is a steal. I want to help you without charging an arm and a leg, and you can opt out at any time. 

    You will not be on your own! The courses give you the basics, but you will need to dive in and practice, and you'll inevitably have questions. Come join us!